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SBC is now part of the CBA Family

Posted by Scripps Baseball Club at May 20, 2024 10:37AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

I am very delighted to share some exciting news with you regarding the future of Scripps Baseball Club and your son’s path through this wonderful game of baseball. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with CBA and CBA Marucci/CBA Victus San Diego!

The entire SBC coaching staff and I take your family’s decision to trust us with your son’s development very seriously and this new partnership with CBA only further maximizes that process.

From Jon Paino (Owner of CBA) & Matt Jervis (CBA Marucci/CBA Victus San Diego)

California Baseball Academy USA (CBA) Mission Statement:

California Baseball Academy USA (CBA) will provide all of our players with the best venue to further their baseball interests and ultimately reach their goals on the field and in life. We are dedicated to not only the baseball development of our players but also the personal development and growth of all of the young men in our program. To all of our CBA members, baseball is the tool to help develop the characteristics and independence necessary to not only be successful on the field, but more importantly, in life. Through our positive learning environment, respect for the game, and our ability to put our players against the best competition in amateur baseball we can provide an unrivaled club baseball experience for all of our players.

Within the CBA, we have multiple regional groups. San Diego, or better known as, CBA Victus San Diego, is one of the largest and annually most successful groups in terms of moving players into college baseball and team success in National events in all age groups. Our goal is to develop players from ages 9-14 years old into High School ready players the day they step onto a High School campus. From ages 15-18, our sole goal is to compete in national events, provide collegiate and professional exposure and maximize each player’s athletic career.

We are excited to have a relationship with Scripps Baseball Club and Tim Spooner that brings Scripps Baseball Club players into our CBA Victus San Diego program after their 13u season with Scripps Baseball Club. We are also excited to offer our relationship with Marucci and Victus to the Scripps Baseball Club that will give you access to our Marucci Store and all Marucci items such as bats, bags, gloves, batting gloves, etc.

Thank you,

Jon Paino (Owner of CBA) & Matt Jervis (CBA Marucci/CBA Victus San Diego)


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Registration is now open!


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Welcome to Scripps Baseball Club nation!

NCS Line Drive Classic 12U CHAMPS!!

Posted by Scripps Baseball Club at Sep 27, 2021 9:29AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

SBC 12U brought home the championship at the 2021 Line Drive Classic hosted by NCS!

Great job boys!

2021/2022 Registration is OPEN!

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Tryouts May 23, 2021

Register now!